A community for creativity, contemplative practice, and wild wisdom.


A practice community for creativity, connection, and contemplative practice, curated by artist and meditation teacher, Tasha Schumann.


Like me, this space is ever-evolving, but here are some things we’ll get up to:


I send out regular emails with contemplative nuggets and first dibs on courses & events. For now, these will go out on New & Full moon days with a few bonuses thrown in.


I host at least one live session per month on zoom. This is an opportunity for guided meditation, movement, creativity, hanging out, resting, and being together. Subscribers are also encouraged to engage in tomfoolery in the Substack comment section.


Learn meditation, movement, art-making, and embodiment for whatever life throws at you. I teach practices for these times, in plain English, but everything I do is rooted in the timeless lineages of Buddhism, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Vajrayana, Tibetan and Indian Yoga, and the Indigenous practices I continue to learn from my ancestral roots in the Caribbean and Africa. Ultimately, these are practices for the liberation of bodies, actions, mind, and communities.


Once a month I'll send out recommended reads, curated playlists, and other goodies I hope you'll check out.


Bodhisavage is a PWYC space. All subscribers get:

This space is open to all and is given as a gift. Any generosity you extend is deeply appreciated – even if it’s your simple presence on zoom. 

Writing this newsletter and holding open events takes time, love and (as a neurodivergent introvert) lots of energy! So, if you have the means, please consider supporting this work with a paid subscription.

You can also support by signing up for a workshop, making friends in the comment section, or sharing the newsletter with someone you know.


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Who's Behind Bodhisavage?

Hi, I’m Tasha.

I help people explore the mystery of being human through contemplative practice, creativity, and play.

I’m a Buddhist Lama, writer, visual artist, co-host of The Mind Bod Adventure Pod, and Juno-nominated recording artist whose work has been streamed many millions of times around the world. 

In my practice, meditation and creativity are both expressions of the same thing: the quest for meaning and connection. They come together in what I call the “Contemplo-Creative Path” – a continuous practice of curiosity, deep looking, and love aimed at finding wisdom in the trash fire that is 21st century life.

I’m also a glorious mutt: I’m a Jamaican-German Buddhist Lama with Yoruba ancestry, who teaches from the ancient wisdom practices of Tibet and India. I also grew up learning from and living on the unceded lands of the Anishinaabe, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee, Mississaugas, and Wendat peoples. 

In my practice, this magical mixedness shows up as a deep connection to nature, dreams, embodiment, dance, the ancestral, and the liminal. I am committed to the re-indigenization of people, places, and practices.

I mentor & teach artists and practitioners around the world.

Want to learn more about my practice, my teachers, and the traditions I teach from? Read Here

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Recent Posts

July 5, 2024

This week, I’m coming to you from my old bedroom in my grandparents’ house. I write under the yellowed gaze of old friends on my poster-plastered walls: Nirvana, and Rage Against the Machine, and a baby-faced Jared Leto. This house used to be full (too full sometimes) of life and music and the bickering of family… Now, it’s museum still. My grandpa lives here all alone now. And this punkishly curated bedroom has succumbed to the creep of dusty boxes and other things that aren’t mine.

June 21, 2024

Almost daily now, someone asks me for a meditation (or meme dump or bottle of tequila) to help them through this chaotic era. Our nervous systems are aching, and we’re at a loss for how to respond. This is not surprising. We’re a culture that has drawn a heavy line between brain and body, then gone and barricaded ourselves up in our heads.


June 21, 2024

For about 2 years, I’ve been chewing my nails raggedy about how to “build” and “launch” this community thing. I asked all the builderly people I know: Substack friends and blogger friends, meditation friends and tech friends. But overthink as I might, I just couldn’t nail down my “unique value proposition”, my “niche” – why anyone would want to practice with me. 

All the while, the world went on burning, and aching, and falling apart. Building a community felt too hard. It felt futile. I gave up…


JULY 21 · Meditation Session

TIME: 8-9 PM EST / 5-6PM PST

This month, space is the place! In this meditation, we’ll turn our attention to the total glittering emptiness of being a person: The space that permeates the cells of the body, the space that permeates the thoughts of the mind. We’ll hang out together in the universe’s most abundant resource: Space. 

This session is open to all and is given as a gift. If you have the means, please consider paying what you can HERE.

JUNE 21 · Meditation Session

TIME: 8-9 PM EST / 5-6PM PST

By popular demand, this month’s Full Moon Meditation session will focus on pouring our attention into the body using visualization and breathwork techniques from the Tibetan framework of The 5 winds (if you were at the recent Meditation Party retreat at Omega, you know what I mean!)

This session is open to all and is given as a gift. If you have the means, please consider paying what you can HERE.